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Your Wedding Experience

You're here probably because you value experiences and connection.

This Experience page will help you discover what a journey with me as your wedding photographer will be like.


It's your wedding day today. You've looked forward to this day for a long time. Tracing your fingers along the delicate, luxurious fabrics of your wedding dress, you can't wait to put it on.

In just a moment, you will hold the arm of the one who raised you and walk down the aisle, lined with beautiful florals.

And after that, you will enjoy the wonderful magic of becoming husband and wife with your very special person.

Tonight, you will dance til you drop with your friends and family in a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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The Vivian Ng Photography Process

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engagement SESSION

You'll receive personal styling tips and planning guidance to best prepare for all your photography needs.

Smiles, laughter and romance! I’ll guide you through the whole process while you spend quality time with each other.

Fill out my Contact Form, and we’ll hop on the phone and meet virtually to ensure we are the right fit for each other!




heirloom design

wedding day

timeline review

We’ll meet again to finalize your wedding album design, choose from a variety of cover options, and ensure it’s perfect before it’s ordered and printed!

Finalizing the planning and the schedule together, I’ll make sure you’re all set and ready to say “I do!” while minimizing crunch time on your wedding day.

Instead of rushing through the motions, you’ll savour it all, having peace of mind that your memories are being captured artistically and timelessly.

Let's do this!

10 Reasons You Might be a VNP Couple

Overtime, I have noticed a pattern in the types of couples who really fit well with my process and photographic style.

Here are some of their characteristics - You might not hit all of them, but if we're a good fit, I bet you'd probably hit most of them.

1. Your preferred photographic style is

6. You're excited about

Timeless, Classic Elegance

with a hint of Bubbly Charm

Travelling Around the World

2. You want your photos to have

7. You love laughing and cherish

a Refined Quality, but Reflect Who You Are (silliness and all), mixing Heartfelt Candids & Natural Portraits

Having an Experience and Quality Time together

8. You appreciate

3. Your groom might describe you as

Finer Details and Artful Beauty

Caring, Thoughtful, Kind-hearted, Sentimental

9. You value

4. Your bride might describe you as

Life-Long Marriages, being Family-Oriented

Easygoing, Care-free (but Caring), Humorous, Silly

10. You believe in passing on

5. You bond over

Good Food, Bubble Tea/Bubbly Rosé/Champagne

and gush over Cute Animals (esp. Dogs / Cats)

A Legacy of Love, and of course, Heirlooms like a good Story-Telling Album / Printed Artwork

this sounds like me - I want in

At Vivian Ng Photography, I'm all about creating a comfortable space for you to connect authentically, so that I can preserve your cherished memories elegantly while celebrating your unique fun personalities.

Pull the slider circle to see!

Bridal party photo at Swaneset golf course wedding Wedding Party group photo at Swaneset Golf Course

This elopement was definitely filled with elegant photographs along with many fun ones. In the second frame, the bride wanted to grab his tie and pull him along, and the groom wholeheartedly agreed to it.

In the second frame, I asked the ladies to show off their flowy dresses; the groom and groomsmen thought it was a good idea to do the same. And why not! What a fun way to document their fun friendships!

In the second frame, the groom spontaneously grabbed the bride's dress and pretended to wipe his face because he thought "it has a lot of fabric". The bride responded, "Sure! It's only been dragged through dirt."

enough said - let's chat

Just as the best gown is designed and custom-tailored for you, the best photography experience is elevated, bespoke, and created with you in mind.

The Viivan Ng Photography Experience

1. Bespoke, yet Friendly & Personal

You'll become a friend, and I'll treat your memories like my own. I want to capture what's most important to you - your precious relationship and connection with each other.

2. Fun & Easy

My priority is in creating memories and enhancing your relationship through the whole process.

3. Full-Service

From digital captures to album design, printed art and wall enlargements, I'm here for you. Trust that your precious memories will be kept safe with the highest quality heirlooms.

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A Little About Vivian

Past Bride

(Been there myself, done that!)

Dog Lover

(Meet my feisty little Bessie girl)

Boba Tea Fan

(Trying to limit my intake)


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more About me & Who I'm for

Photographic Style

Timeless, Warm, and Genuine

I’m a believer in creating a gallery consisting of both naturally posed AND those highly sought-after genuine, candid images that capture who you are.

Every photo in your gallery is crafted meticulously and colorfully refined, standing the test of time. No trendy edits or over-processing.

Years later, these memories will still be as vibrant and heartwarming as it was in that moment.

The Art of Subtle Balance

charmingly blending classic elegance

& Unpretentious playfulness

My couples appreciate being photographed elegantly, but also celebrate their unique personalities which so often carry a certain degree of carefree, playful whimsicality. There is no need to pretend being someone you're not just for photos.

Who says photographs with an editorial flare must mean images of smile-less models? Who says you can't be refined and humorous at the same time?

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Leaving a Legacy of Love

with heirlooms that will be cherished for generations to come

Heirloom Albums

fond reminiscence of your favourite moments

& lasting legacy of your beautiful love

These Are

Tangible. Emotional. Storytellers.

Digital photos can become "digital dust", lost within our computers. But having printed photos on a table or wall helps us see them more often and remember happy times with our family. We can touch and hold them, and even share stories with our kids as they grow up.

I'll be your guide and help you choose the best way to print your photos, whether it be custom designing your heirloom albums or wall art, so you can keep them for a long time and share with future generations.


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Enjoyed. Preserved. Relived.

You know that feeling when... finish watching one of those "family classic" movies, and your heart is filled with nostalgia and warmth? And you are just so uplifted, happy and satisfied, and maybe even inspired?

Yes. That feeling.

We will create a storybook together that is full of endearing photographs of you and your favorite people. Itt's going to become one of your very own family classics.

So grab a cocktail, or a cup of bubble tea, and let's discover how. I'll guide you through the whole process!

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enjoy time with the one you love without having to worry about the photos

Imagine again. What would it be like if you can...


radiant laughter among friends,

enchanting melodies played on a violin,

that refreshing citrus and nutty flavor of Veuve Clicquot

the tender loving touches of your new spouse

What would it be like if you can RELIVE those exact joyful moments, even years later...

... when your little ones

point to a photograph in your wedding album, proclaiming, "Mum, dad, look - it's grandpa and grandma!"

... or when you are old soulmates

sweetly sitting on the sofa, looking through photographs and laughing at how young, beautiful, and handsome (and wrinkle-free) you were?

My Goal is to help you

1. create space,

2. savor the moment,


3. bring you back to the same joyful times

with enduring photographs

Sound like what you're looking for?

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A Guide for your wedding spendings


How much should you invest in your wedding photography?

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how much does wedding

photography cost in vancouver?

If you describe your wedding as...

elegant & classy

heartwarming & Delightful

romantic & whimsical

And if you want to remember it the same way it is...

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I'm beyond excited to hear from you and learn all about your love story!

Investment for wedding coverage starts at 5800, and collections are customized to each couple.

To ensure that your wedding photography experience with me is nothing short of amazing, I only take on a limited number of weddings each year. This allows me to focus on giving you my full attention and dedication, make you feel at home, and capture stunning photos that truly showcase your unique connection.

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I can't wait to hear from you and start planning your dream wedding together!