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A Fun, Sophisticated, and Romantic Engagement Session!

I absolutely love it when I get to capture memories for couples at a location that is meaningful to them. It makes the photos more special and precious. If I may even venture to say, these images carry a “historic value”, at least for the couple themselves.   

Dear doctor, From your pharmacist

Sarah and Jeff met at a friend’s birthday party at the Gallery at UBC. At the time, Jeff was in medical school, and Sarah was in pharmacy school. Since then, they often studied together, and hung out on many “study break first dates” on the gorgeous beaches of Vancouver. However, UBC was where their relationship started, nurtured, and flourished. When I asked Sarah where she would like her engagement photos done, without a second of hesitation she answered, “UBC!”

Having graduated from UBC myself, I am well acquainted with the countless beautiful locations on this university campus. Often, when I was still a student myself, I had took many study breaks jogging around the campus. It was not much exercise, since I would stop every few moments to take pictures of the landscape and the stunning sunset light! How much more wonderful it is, to now be able to add romance and love into the picture!

But I digressed a little. I would like to share a little snippet of Sarah and Jeff’s relationship:

When they first met, Sarah thought Jeff was a really nice guy. He was gentle and considerate. The very first day of their acquaintance, he drove her home. What a gentleman! Other than studying, they bonded through Pokemon Go, movies, and Nintendo. Their relationship was tested and grew stronger as they had to spend a couple years apart for their practical rotations in order to become licensed health professionals. When they were finally able to spend more time with each other, Sarah’s dad popped the question to Jeff during a family gathering, “When will you and Sarah get married?” To which Jeff answered, “I am ready to marry her anytime.” That very summer, as per Korean culture, they set a wedding date and decided on a venue. Yes, before the ring was popped!

A thoughtful proposal

So fast forward a couple months later, Sarah’s close friend wanted to eat at a restaurant on Jericho beach because she had “vouchers” for the place. As Sarah and her friend were walking to the restaurant, she saw lots of signs, but did not realize they were for her until she noticed Jeff’s friends were standing there with cameras! She was then led on through more than 20 signs on why Jeff loves her. Ultimately, she was led to Jeff himself, and there he proposed to her! Even though Jeff was injured at the time and he could barely walk, his effort and love for Sarah was evident in his preparing and carrying out such a thoughtful proposal. 

Dear Doctor and Pharmacist, From your photographer

Sarah and Jeff, I am extremely honored to get to know you two. I had a blast capturing these memories for you. You were a dream to work with and I am so happy for you both. This season is so special and I hope that you will have many amazing years together. Let’s go on some double dates in the future ;)!

UBC Engagement Photo
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Here comes the golden hour glow!

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