UBC Alpha Gamma Delta Exec Photos

UBC Alpha Gamma Delta Exec Photos

Vancouver’s UBC Alpha Gamma Delta sorority is a dynamic group of women who are dedicated to living with purpose and inspiring the people around them. The sisters of Alpha Gam are known for their strong bonds of friendship, their unwavering commitment to community service, and their love and support for each other.

All Smiles and Energy and Fun

I had the opportunity to photograph this sorority’s Exec team this year on a bright and sunny January day. The cold was biting, and I was a little apprehensive about the weather conditions. However, I was quickly impressed by their resilience and positive attitudes. Despite freezing and shivering in their jade green and cream coloured dresses, the girls from UBC Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority were all smiles as they gathered for the photo session.

As the session progressed, the girls’ smiles became even wider and their laughter even louder. Their bubbly personalities was contagious! I found myself smiling along with them, especially when they started encouraging and cheering for the girl who was having her own individual photographs taken.

The sun had given their skin a glow, and their smiling faces lit up the frame. I am so grateful to have been able to capture these images for AlphaGam’s exec team. And it was heartwarming to have witnessed the incredible positivity of these beautiful women.

Thank you for having me share this moment with you on campus! I had a blast and would totally do this again!

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UBC Alpha Gamma Delta Exec Team Photos 2023

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