The “Why” Behind Vivian Ng Photography

Above picture: Old photo of little Vivian taking the hand of her dad as she learns to walk

What drives my passion for photography and why I work with the people I work with. 

Our human brains are powerful, yet memories are too often elusive.

Our contentment ebbs and flows, because in the midst of the busy and the brokenness in life, we forget to count our blessings.

People say we often take for granted those we are closest to. But, what if we make an effort to remember the love we have for them, to recall every big and every small sacrifice we make for each other throughout the years? What if we make an effort to create little reminders in our lives that prompt us to give thanks? And what if in cultivating thankfulness in our hearts, we experience real contentment on the inside, no matter what the circumstances?   

Look at the pictures. And remember. Remember, and give thanks.


Coquitlam Vancouver Wedding Photographer wedding day wedding rings

You can plan all you want and spend all you want in decor and food, but at the end of the day, the decor will be taken down and the food will be eaten. The reality is, the wedding day you have been anticipating for the longest time will go by so fast you won’t even realize it. You might be focused on each other and on making sure your friends and family were attended to, or be too preoccupied with making sure everything is going according to plan, that you may forget to savor those moments. (Although, of course, I would recommend just relaxing and enjoying the day! You worked very hard for it. You deserve to enjoy it!)

Coquitlam Wedding Photographer
Sweet moment between bride and groom after first kiss

Photographs are a powerful way to go back to enjoying those sweet moments again, as well as seeing the moments you may have missed in person.

Picture above captures my husband’s best friend praying for our marriage during the wedding reception. Photographed by Whiteday Wedding.

As a young couple planning our own wedding, my then-fiance-now-husband and I were opened to investing more in photography in order to preserve that special day. We strived to keep things simple. Nevertheless, we still wanted beautiful decorations and delicious food to celebrate with our friends and family. We knew that our wedding day would be over very quickly. We knew we had to choose a photographer whose style we love, and who is dedicated to capturing every detail of our day to the best of their ability.


Langley Maternity photos
Sweet moment between wife and husband expecting their baby girl

Remember the gift of new life. Remember the love and the care that you put into the wellness of your baby, both in the womb and out. Remember how “the baby ruined your body”—but the truth is the baby made it more beautiful. Remember that each new life is a miracle.

Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward. – Psalm 127:3

Burnaby Maternity Photos
Loving moment between wife and husband expecting their baby girl

Sometimes, the busyness of parenthood will cause you to focus only on your children and you may forget that your spouse is your lover and friend. Look at the photos taken with your spouse during maternity, and remember the sweetness and love between the two of you. That same love deserves to continue to be cultivated.

Maternity is a short but sweet and tender season, and there may be hard days in parenthood. Here is what one new mommy whom I photographed told me shortly after she delivered:

“I felt pretty good when I was pregnant, but there are moments now when I feel down. It was encouraging to look back at the photos and read the “Remember how” statement you wrote for expectant parents. I hope to better understand and love what God has given me.”

Vancouver Maternity Photo
Mommy and baby moment


Vancouver family lifestyle photos
Children playing together

Let’s fast forward a little into the future:

You walk into the room of your child, and you realize how time has gone by. The baby you used to cradle in your arms is now walking and running. But the thing is, life gets so busy that it’s easy to lose track of time. It’s true, because just as one day goes by, a week goes by, a month goes by, and then years go by. Suddenly you are wishing that you could have spent more time in those earlier precious moments.

Vancouver family lifestyle photos
Daddy cradling his sleepy little girl
Vancouver family lifestyle photos
Parents watching over their son while he plays

I encourage you to document those precious snippets of your daily lives. Your future self will thank you for it.



Please don’t forget how much love your parents have for you, how they threw you up in the air when you were small, and how you laughed in exhilaration. Don’t forget how they looked at your sleepy face and smiled with joy in their hearts for you, how they hugged you and kissed you when you were throwing a nonsensical fit as a little child. Remember how they sacrificed their comfort and their time to take care of you. Look back at these pictures and be thankful for them. Honor them. Give back to them.

Vancouver family lifestyle photos
Mom taking care of her children during lunch


So, in light of these…

Let’s count our blessings and remember to give thanks. Let’s create a time capsule together, so that even when our memories fade, the authentic moments will always be there visually and tangibly.

This is the “why” behind Vivian Ng Photography. I want to give you photographs that inspire you to live joyfully, thankfully, and purposefully. Let’s create memories and images that you would want to look back at again and again, years down the road!

And of course, have fun while we’re at it!

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