Queen Elizabeth Park Engagement Photos

There were moments of silence.

But there were no need for words.

Within moments of looking into each other’s eyes, they had burst into giggles and laughter.     

Nicole and Mike first met at a friend’s home during a party. Though they only exchanged a few words at the time, they connected right away. (And, as we will see, not only because she thought he was super cute!) Since then, they loved hanging out with each other, and eventually Mike asked her out. It is absolutely noteworthy that he wanted to meet her parents even before their first date. Such courage!

Not only does Mike have an honorable character, but his humor and randomness always make Nicole laugh. Or, in Nicole’s own words, “He’s random, weird, and hilarious”. Needless to say, our engagement photo session was full of joyfulness and many great big smiles. Because they thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company and genuinely had a fun time just being together, these candid shots came very naturally.

And speaking of natural…

Nature that day was an absolute beauty.

The late Winter snow covered the grounds of Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver. Snow always reminds me of the magical world in C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, one of my favorite fiction novel series. I was exhilarated at the grandeur of the scenery. Also, since we started the session a couple of hours before sunset, the light appeared more and more stunning as we got closer to golden hour. It shone a warm glow through the trees and the forested area of the park, and then faded into a gorgeous purple sky as the sun set. After that, I was delighted to be able to capture in the backdrop—though it appears little in the photo—a round, bright moon when the pink clouds parted.

And a few words to my beloved couple:

Nicole and Mike, thank you so much for letting me capture the wonderful sweetness of your engagement. You two were so fun, and such an honor to photograph. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our time together. Thank you also, for being an inspiration for couples to take joy in each other everyday. Laughter and humor is so important in a relationship, and I pray that the both of you will laugh all the way into good old age!

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