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Behind the Lens


My Name is Vivian

FAQ: Why did I become a photographer?

Reason #1: I have a bad memory. Photographs help me remember.

Reason #2: Life is not easy. Photographs bring me back to the good and happy times.

Reason #3: Making others happy makes me happy. When I see the smiles on my couples faces as they look through the photographs I've taken for them, it makes me smile, too.

Growing up, God blessed me with a family that showered me with love and inspiration. We spent quality time together. We travelled together. We laughed together. We cried together. If you flip through the pages of my childhood albums, you'll witness the cherished memories that ignite my spirit and delights my heart. In a magical way, these photos remind me of the love I've received and in turn influences who I am and how I live.

I want to create albums just like these - full of joy-filled memories - for other people, and create a portal for them to relive those special, endearing moments of their lives.

Oh, just in case you were wondering, my last name, Ng, is pronounced "-ing".

My Own Love Story

Here are a few photos that marked our journey together!

Our Prewedding

Our Wedding

Couples photoshoot, 'cuz why not?

Our Bessie Girl

Europe Travel Diaries (still editing)

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misc. favs



Disney and Ghibli


Lord of the Rings

Faith-centered life
Family & friendship
Lifelong marriage

Ice cream



Partial Mandarin

The Bible
Chronicles of Narnia
Pride and Prejudice

I want you to feel cared for, personally.

I truly believe in being personable and a fun part of your wedding experience, from when you first reach out to beyond the wedding day.

When you meet me...

I hope you'll feel a warm and friendly presence. I'm the person who wears a smile that reaches my eyes and radiates bubbling enthusiasm when I'm passionate about what I do. I'm also known for being a perfectionist. I pour my heart and soul into every detail to ensure that your experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

You know that feeling when... finish watching one of those "family classic" movies, and your heart is filled with nostalgia and warmth? And you are just so uplifted, happy and satisfied, and maybe even inspired?

Yes. That feeling.

I'm going to create a storybook with you, full of endearing photographs of you and your favorite people, and it's going to become one of your very own family classics.

So grab a cup of bubble tea, or a cocktail, sit back, and I’ll guide you through the whole process!

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My passion is in creating a real and vibrant story that showcases your most important relationships. Let's evoke memories that will make your heart sing.

I'm all about capturing the way you and your sweetheart interact with each other that makes you unique as a couple, and capturing those special connections between you and your family and friends.

So slow down. Enjoy the moment.

And I'll be there to give guidance whenever you need.

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To ensure that your wedding photography experience with me is nothing short of amazing, I only take on a limited number of weddings each year. This allows me to focus on giving you my full attention and dedication, make you feel at home, and capture stunning photos that truly showcase your unique connection.

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